FPIF Vendors

Investment Consultant

The FPIF Board of Trustees selected Marquette Associates during the December 7, 2020 FPIF Board Meeting.


The FPIF Board of Trustees selected Northern Trust during the March 19, 2021 FPIF Board Meeting.

Actuarial Services

An RFP for Actuarial Services was issued on March 22, 2021 and has been considered by the Investments and Operations Committee. Further consideration is scheduled for the August 20, 2021 Board Meeting.

Certified Investment Asset List Auditor

The FPIF Board of Trustees has selected a the following Certified Investment Asset List Auditors:

Baker Tilly US, LLP

Kerber, Eck and Braeckel, LLP

Lauterbach & Amen, LLP

Sikich, LLP