Appointment Of Authorized Agent Rule Adopted

Rule 2021-01 Appointment of Authorized Agent

The FPIF Board of Trustees met on March 19, 2021 and approved RULE 2021-01 Appointment of Authorized Agent. The rule creates two Authorized Agents for each pension fund for the purposes of communications with FPIF and to facilitate information sharing between each pension fund’s vendors and FPIF and its vendors.

The original draft rule posted on our website provided for a single Authorized Agent at each pension fund. The rule was expanded to two Authorized Agents after the FPIF Board of Trustees considered a public comment submitted by a firefighter advocating for an additional Authorized Agent. Thank you to everyone who submitted public comments on the draft rule.

Under the rule, the Board President and Board Secretary of each pension fund will serve as Authorized Agents until such time that the Board of Trustees of the pension fund appoints replacements.

A copy of the rule can be found under the Policies & Publications heading of the FPIF website.