Investment Procurement

Seeking Investment Service Providers

Participate in Our Competitive Procurement Process

FPIF utilizes a Request for Proposal (RFP) process when searching for qualified investment service providers. The RFP process allows applicants to supply information regarding the firm’s services, experience, fees and other relevant information that we need to assess a company’s suitability as a FPIF investment service provider.

Open Investment Solicitations

Private Markets RFP

FPIF seeks a non-discretionary investment consultant (“Consultant”) and approximately three discretionary OCIO Advisors (“Advisors”) to advise upon FPIF’s private markets portfolio. The Consultant and Advisors will assist FPIF as the fund constructs its long-term target allocation of 31% to private market asset classes. FPIF has target allocations of 10% to private equity, 7% to private debt, 10% to real estate, and 4% to infrastructure.