Account Representatives

Training Resources for FPIF Account Reps

About Our Account Representatives

Account Representatives are designated by the Participating Pension Funds’ (PPF) Authorized Agents via the GCM Authorization Setup Form. Account Representatives must be members of the PPF’s board of trustees or serve as the PPF’s treasurer, except that one Account Representative is not required to be a member of the PPF’s board of trustees. An Account Representative that is not a member of the board of trustees or serves as the PPF’s treasurer shall be appointed by resolution. 

Only Account Representatives have authority to facilitate cash withdrawal requests via the Northern Trust Global Cash Movement Portal (GCM) and have access to retrieve monthly account statements. A reference guide to understanding the monthly account statements and how to facilitate cash withdrawals can be found toward the bottom of this page. 

Changes to Account Representatives

A participating pension fund is responsible for promptly providing FPIF with any updates or revisions to its Account Representatives. All changes must be executed by both of the Participating Pension Fund’s Authorized Agents utilizing the GCM Maintenance Form.

Recurring Instructions

In addition to one-time transfers requested via GCM, Account Representatives may enroll a Participating Pension Fund in a recurring withdrawal to be received on the 14th of each month. All recurring withdrawals remain effective for one calendar year and must be renewed on an annual basis. Recurring withdrawals are implemented utilizing the GCM Recurring Instructions Form.

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