Meet Our Management Team

William R. Atwood

Executive Director


William R. Atwood serves as the Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer of FPIF. William is responsible for the overall management of the Fund and the leadership of the administration of the organization in achieving our short-term and long-term goals. William reports directly to the full Board of Trustees.

Steve Zahn

Chief Operating Officer


Steve Zahn serves as the Chief Operating Officer of FPIF. Steve is responsible for managing FPIF various operational functions such as communications, human resources, the preparation of actuarial statements and the administration of trustee elections. Steve also serves as the FPIF Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer.

David Zaloga

Chief Financial Officer


David Zaloga serves as the Chief Financial Officer of FPIF. David directs and manages the accounting, finance, internal control and treasury functions for FPIF and is responsible for monthly and annual financial reporting for FPIF and its participating pension funds. 

Mitchell Green

Portfolio Officer


Mitchell Green serves as the Portfolio Officer of FPIF. Mitchell assists the Chief Investment Officer in the development and execution of FPIF’s investment policy as adopted by the Board. Mitchell develops recommendations pertaining to FPIF’s strategic asset allocation and is responsible for the evaluation of current and prospective investments.

Robina Amato

Member Services Officer


Robina Amato serves as the Member Services Officer of FPIF. Robina is responsible for working directly with participating pension funds to facilitate cash management, deliver monthly account statements and provides additional accounting, financial and administrative support for Staff and the Board of Trustees.