FPIF Investment Policy Adopted

FPIF Investment Policy

The FPIF Board of Trustees adopted FPIF’s Investment Policy. The Investment Policy formalizes FPIF’s objectives, investment philosophy, and approach to portfolio oversight and risk management.

It also establishes FPIF’s asset allocation. The asset allocation includes an interim and long-term asset allocation. The interim asset allocation includes a 30% allocation to fixed income, 65% to equity, and 5% to real estate. FPIF will manage assets to the interim asset allocation throughout the consolidation process and will strive to achieve its long-term asset allocation following the consolidation. The long-term asset allocation includes a 55% allocation to public equity, a 25% to public fixed income, 5% to real estate, 5% to infrastructure, 5% to private equity, and 5% to private credit.

A copy of the FPIF Investment Policy can be found under Policies & Publications on the FPIF’s website.