Permanent Board of Trustees

The Permanent Board of Trustees was seated at its meeting on January 4, 2021. The Board of Trustees elected Chuck Sullivan to serve as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. Brad Cole was elected to serve as Vice Chairman. Matthew Kink was elected as the Board Secretary, and Jeff Rowitz was elected as the Board’s Treasurer.

The Permanent Board of Trustees was seated under the following Trustee Positions:

Gubernatorial Appointment – Statewide Firefighter Labor Organization Firefighters (4-Year Term)

Chuck Sullivan (President of the AFFI, Active Firefighter, Champaign Firefighters’ Pension Fund)

Gubernatorial Appointment – Illinois Municipal League (4-year Term)

Brad Cole (Executive Director, Illinois Municipal League)

Participant Trustee (4-Year Term)
Kevin Bramwell (Active Firefighter, Bolingbrook Firefighters’ Pension Fund)
Matthew Kink (Active Firefighter, Springfield Firefighters’ Pension Fund)

Participant Trustee (2-Year Term)
George Schick (Active Firefighter, Orland FPD Firefighters’ Pension Fund)

Beneficiary Trustee (2-Year Term)
Gregory Knoll (Retired Firefighter, Homewood Firefighters’ Pension Fund)

Executive Trustees (4-Year Term)
Herb Roach (Mayor, City of O’Fallon)
Patrick Nichting (Treasurer, City of Peoria)

Executive Trustee (2-Year Term)
Jeff Rowitz (Deputy Village Manager/Chief Financial Officer, Village of Northbrook)