Statement Regarding Ruling by the Illinois Supreme Court

Statement Regarding Ruling by the Illinois Supreme Court
Arlington Heights Police Pension Fund vs Jay Robert “JB” Pritzker

January 19, 2023

This morning, the Illinois Supreme Court issued its opinion in the Arlington Heights case concerning the constitutionality of the pension consolidation law. I am delighted to report that the Illinois Supreme Court affirmed the judgment of the lower courts. The opinion was short, unambiguous, and unanimous.
The Court explained that the pension benefits clause of the Illinois Constitution is intended to protect benefit payments and those benefits that “affect a participant’s ability to continue participation or increase service credits.”
The Court emphasized that the law’s intent is to make more money available to fund benefits.
The Court also affirmed that the takings clause does not apply, as there is no private property being taken.
FPIF extends its appreciation to the Supreme Court and the judicial branch.

William R. Atwood, Executive Director
Illinois Firefighters’ Pension Investment Fund