Kevin Bramwell

Participant Trustee

Kevin Bramwell has served as a Participant Trustee on the FPIF Board of Trustees since its inception in January 2020. Kevin currently serves as the Chairperson of the Investments & Operations Committee while also serving as a member of the Audit & Compliance Committee and the Legislative Committee.

Kevin is a 20-year employee of the Bolingbrook Fire Department. He currently serves as a Firefighter/Paramedic and is a member of the Bolingbrook Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Team. He served for over 10 years as the President of the Bolingbrook Firefighters’ Pension Fund and serves as the Chairman of the Bolingbrook Firefighters’ Retiree Healthcare Funding Trust. Kevin also serves as the Union President of the Bolingbrook Firefighters Association IAFF Local 3005.

Trustee Bramwell and his wife Stefanie have a daughter, Emma, and a son, Jake. Kevin is a member of the Bolingbrook Rotary Club, coaches little league baseball, and is a member of his church’s executive council.